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Welcome to my "40" Website

Welcome to my 40 Chev website. This all started when I was a kid about when I was 14 years old. Dad brought this car home for our family car. Its was old and had a back seat. Most of the time we had a pickup with a canopy. "Thanks Dad"


Place's and People who have helped

  • Chevs of the 40's
  • Dennis J and Hank B
  • And all of the people that say have you got that 40 chev done yet

The idea behind the design:

I've been working on this 40 Chev for awhile and though that I would share my experience with it with all of you. First things first, this car was in my family when I was a kid. I remember sanding on fenders and doors after my dad bought it home. Then one day it came home with a paint job. I also remember not like riding in it when I was younger. I remember also that I didn't get to drive it very much when I turned 16 years.

My dad parked it in 72 and there it sat for 17 years. An one day he called and say come get it now and so off I went. 300 miles later and it was home. There it sat for a week or two when I crawled under it to see what was left under it. on the way out I grab the fly wheel and it turned, it wasn't frozen. So I got the jumper cables out and some starting fluid to it, I couldn't believe that it started after a few cranes. Its been the last couple of years that I really got into fixing it up and going to get it on the road.

Please note: I don't have a lot of money or time to spent on this old car. I have 4 wonderful kids and 7 grandchildren. And with that everybody is gone and the wonderful wife will let me work endless hours in the hot rod shop, and sometimes comes up and sits for hours just watching what I doing. Its great having my grandson come over and help out picking up tools and marking in the primer where all the dents are and things that need to be fixed. We just moved all the shop from a 8 Ft by 10 Ft closet to a new 20 Ft by 24 Ft shop. Click here to see the difference between having room and not having room. Some times having to put a ladder on all the stuff to get to the back of the room. 

The rest of this website is to show off my work.

This will also show off the website talents that I have been gaining over the winter and rain days that I'm stuck inside and short days. like dark at 4:30 pm. Stop messing with the time.